Update on Cocoa

Well, the holidays have passed and Cocoa has completed her Chemotherapy for heryou thyroid tumor at Blue Pearl Vet. She is going to start taking the peroxicam again at a maintenance dose of 0.5 ml every other day. This is known to help with some more cancers but it’s also an anti inflammatory drug so it will keep away her aches and pains so she can stay active.

Next month we have to get exrays and bloodwork and have a checkup with Dr. Rose at St. Pete Beach vet. This will cost about $300 so we are still raising money to pay for Cocoa’s follow up the care. I will be having another yardsale soon but if you can find it in your heart to help out just click on the DONATE button and give today. Help me keep this little sweetheart alive and well. Thanks to all of Cocoa’s generous supporters.


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  1. Barbara
    Apr 03, 2012 @ 22:01:15

    I just now came across your blog about Cocoa.Please update me on her? I have a little guy that looks just like her,his name is Austin. It breaks my heart to see Cocoa’s pictures. I’m hoping this Email finds her in recovery. Please let me know.
    God bless you and Cocoa.


    • savecocoa
      Apr 04, 2012 @ 23:13:13

      Hi Barbara
      Thank you for your concern about Cocoa. She is doing well after her chemotherapy this fall. She has had a few setbacks with tummy trouble lately, but otherwise okay.
      She continues to be co-fostered between myself and a friend.
      We are having her rechecked every 3-6shelter months for the cancer. The last set of exrays were clear although she had a mild case of pancreatitis.
      I continue to fundraise for her ongoing care and have been so fortunate to get so many loving people in her corner.
      If you can help or you know a dog lover who can, please make a secure donation today. Just click the donate button today.
      Thank you


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