Cancer free???

Well, It has been quite some time since I have updated Cocoa’s condition. She is still in permanent foster care, and continues to enjoy her time with Gracey the Beagle and her foster Mommy in Holiday, FL.

All my effort and your generosity was not in vain. The treatment worked and Cocoa’s disposition is better than ever. It is however time for her annual tests and vaccinations and dental care. I am hoping that she will once again be Cancer Free!

I am trying raise funds for these tests and her medications. I will be have a yard sale soon, having collected unwanted items from friends. But any help, however small, would get us to our goal; $1000. We exceed $500 yearly just in food and medication, including her Heartgard and Comfortis plus her meds for her Thyroid (or lack there of) condition.

Please find it in your heart to support this one woman “Dachshund Rescue Group”. Cocoa is dog # 5 since 2002 to be nursed back to health and placed in a forever home or forever foster care. I kept two myself, Dottie, 14 and her daughter Sara 11.

As her current foster mom is disabled I agreed to cover her expenses for the rest of her sweet little life. So please help if can. Give to sweetest most deserving girl of all…Cocoa. Click donate below to help today.


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