Dachshund Cocoa is a beautiful mini red Dachshund. She is approximately 10 years old. Cocoa spent the last ten years being a faithful companion to an elderly gentleman in Pinellas county Fl. She slept by his side every night and alerted him of visitors and kept guard for intruders, but mostly lizzards. Cocoa gave her owner a good reason to get up every day, epecially after his diagnosis of terminal cancer.

Cocoa’s owner was 97 years old when he died of lung cancer recently. He tried for two years to find a new permanent home for Cocoa knowing he had cancer a would pass soon. Ultimately Cocoa would be left all alone.

While Cocoa’s owner was in rehab,and then the hospital, she was being boarded at the vet. During an exam for her annual shots Cocoa was found to have potential cancer too; a large lump on her throat. Her owner’s family decided not spend anymore money on her and wanted to put her down. Mercifully they did not tell the old man before his passing.

In fact a little white lie was told by a friend in that a permamemt home was found for Cocoa and she would be fine now…her owner finally let go and passed on a few hours later with peace of mind that his faithful companion would live out her life in health and happiness with a new family.

Now Cocoa is being fostered and has some great supporters…and we all have hope and confidence that readers will open their hearts (and wallets) to help us all raise money for little Cocoa…

It could cost several thousands of dollars for the whole process. Cocoa has a good chance of beating this cancer if it gets treated quickly. Hopefully radiation therapy won’t be needed.

Could you please help and donate a few dollars to help her foster mom pay for the surgery? Every dollar will help. Please make a donation now by pressing the DONATE button below.

If you are a vet, a dachshund lover or an animal lover and feel you can donate time or money to help Cocoa get the treatment she needs please donate whatever you can. EVERY penny goes towards her treatment.

Thank you.
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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Joi Dubin
    Jul 05, 2011 @ 11:06:27

    I respect what you are doing and will pray for you and Cocoa. This is a heart breaking story but I know there are a lot of generous people out there!! I will do my absolute best to spread the word and Cocoa’s story!

    G-d Bless You!


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