Cocoa’s Estate Sale a big success!

Helping Dachshund Cocoa

Just wanted to let you know that we had a very successful sale this past saturday.

We raised a good deal of money towards our goal for Dachshund Cocoa’s surgery. I am so grateful to everyone who donated items, cash and their time to help out.

Cocoa had a good time greeting all the shoppers.

She gave lots of kisses and licks and even got a few offers for a forever home.

She was so tired after all the attention she received, she slept all afternoon and evening and then straight through the night after a quick walk in the park.

Wednesday, August 31st, is the big day for Cocoa.

 She will have the tumor removed and sent off to the lab for testing. Let’s all keep fingers crossed that the results are negative and the tumor is benign.

We are still fundraising in anticipation of Cocoa’s continued veterinary costs.

 So if you would like to help Dachshund Cocoa’s fight against cancer, give today. Just click on the donate button above.



Generous donations from strangers

Cocoa was in a great mood all day especially after several special people made donations to her fund. A special thanks goes out to Gerald of  Treasure Island Florida…and the lady at  St. Pete Beach Veterinary Clinic;  two complete strangers who gave generously to  Dachshund Cocoa’s cancer fund.

Today, Dachshund Cocoa went to another vet for a second opinion. Pretty much the same; the tumor has to come out and there is no way to know if it is malignant cancer until a biopsy is sent off to the lab. 

Cocoa got lots of extra loving today from everyone First Bank, Buttons, Bangles, & Beads, Beach Hair Affair, Publix and Pinch-a-Penny Pool Supply.  Thanks to everyone for your concern. Please pass on Cocoa’s link to everyone you know.

Soon it will be time to have a garage sale to raise more funds…we have a long way to go as I have said before, but every little bit helps. So please donate today. If you have already donated please share this site on Facebook or Twitter. You can sign in below and share with all your friends; please post it on your wall. If you want to comment you can also sign in as a guest, your email will not show up on this site once you sign in. Thanks.


Dachshund Cocoa Needs Bloodwork

I’m spending the day phoning local vets in hopes of finding one that will give me a decent discount on Cocoa’s recommonded bloodwork…a senior profile.

Tomorrow I will hopefully take her to get the test. We need to establish that she is healthy enough for the surgery. And of course I need to raise the money for the surgery first.

Please click on the donate button today and help save Cocoa’s life.

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Dachshund Cocoa Vists The Oncologists

Dachshund Cocoa Visits the Oncologists

Cocoa had her first visit with the specialists at Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners (formerly Florida Veterinary Specialists). She was was examined and found in good general health apart from the obvious tumor on her throat. Her exrays were examined and they believe there are no other tumors present. However they urged me to get the surgery as soon as possible so that the tumor, which they believe to be malignant, does not spread.

Cocoa has to have some bloodwork done next before they can do the surgery. I need about $120 for that and then$1300 for the surgery. Wow! If you can help, even $5.00 will make a difference in saving Cocoa. And remember she will need a forever home when this horrible ordeal is over. 

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