Cocoa’s Estate Sale a big success!

Helping Dachshund Cocoa

Just wanted to let you know that we had a very successful sale this past saturday.

We raised a good deal of money towards our goal for Dachshund Cocoa’s surgery. I am so grateful to everyone who donated items, cash and their time to help out.

Cocoa had a good time greeting all the shoppers.

She gave lots of kisses and licks and even got a few offers for a forever home.

She was so tired after all the attention she received, she slept all afternoon and evening and then straight through the night after a quick walk in the park.

Wednesday, August 31st, is the big day for Cocoa.

 She will have the tumor removed and sent off to the lab for testing. Let’s all keep fingers crossed that the results are negative and the tumor is benign.

We are still fundraising in anticipation of Cocoa’s continued veterinary costs.

 So if you would like to help Dachshund Cocoa’s fight against cancer, give today. Just click on the donate button above.



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