Update on Cocoa’s thyroid tumor surgery

Well, we have been busy the last few weeks fundraising for Cocoa. She comes with me on errands and everyone thinks she’s so adorable. Cocoa just melts people’s heart. We still have a long way to go. I still need several hundred dollars for the surgery and follow up care.  This of course does not include the costs for radiation if she needs it. Let’s just all hope the tumor is benign.

We are still planning a  garage sale to benefit Cocoa. Hopefully it will be next weekend. There has been serious construction on my street so I have been waiting. With no end in sight, I plan to just go ahead and hope people can find the house despite the detours.

My hopes are to get the surgery in a couple weeks. Cocoa has been having some tummy trouble for a few weeks which doesn’t bode well. Hopefully it won’t affect her being able to go through with the removal of the thyroid tumor.

I want to again thank everyone who has donated money and those who have volunteerd their time and effort to help with Cocoa.  I will keep you all up to date with this blog.



Dachshund Cocoa Needs Bloodwork

I’m spending the day phoning local vets in hopes of finding one that will give me a decent discount on Cocoa’s recommonded bloodwork…a senior profile.

Tomorrow I will hopefully take her to get the test. We need to establish that she is healthy enough for the surgery. And of course I need to raise the money for the surgery first.

Please click on the donate button today and help save Cocoa’s life.

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Dachshund Cocoa Vists The Oncologists

Dachshund Cocoa Visits the Oncologists

Cocoa had her first visit with the specialists at Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners (formerly Florida Veterinary Specialists). She was was examined and found in good general health apart from the obvious tumor on her throat. Her exrays were examined and they believe there are no other tumors present. However they urged me to get the surgery as soon as possible so that the tumor, which they believe to be malignant, does not spread.

Cocoa has to have some bloodwork done next before they can do the surgery. I need about $120 for that and then$1300 for the surgery. Wow! If you can help, even $5.00 will make a difference in saving Cocoa. And remember she will need a forever home when this horrible ordeal is over. 

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