Update on Cocoa

Well, the holidays have passed and Cocoa has completed her Chemotherapy for heryou thyroid tumor at Blue Pearl Vet. She is going to start taking the peroxicam again at a maintenance dose of 0.5 ml every other day. This is known to help with some more cancers but it’s also an anti inflammatory drug so it will keep away her aches and pains so she can stay active.

Next month we have to get exrays and bloodwork and have a checkup with Dr. Rose at St. Pete Beach vet. This will cost about $300 so we are still raising money to pay for Cocoa’s follow up the care. I will be having another yardsale soon but if you can find it in your heart to help out just click on the DONATE button and give today. Help me keep this little sweetheart alive and well. Thanks to all of Cocoa’s generous supporters.


Thyroid Tumor Malignant Cancer

Cocoa and her foster family have a rough couple of weeks. Thanks to all her followers for checking in. We found out that her tumor was in fact a malignant thyroid tumor. We were hoping for a benign result.

Cocoa and her foster family have a rough couple of weeks. Thanks to all her followers for checking in. We found out that her tumor was in fact a malignant thyroid tumor. We were hoping for a benign result.\

About ten days after surgery Cocoa started on a drug called Peroxicam which is actually a strong anti inflamitory. This drug is sometimes used for bladder cancer and other cancers. Vets don’t know why it works for some and not others as a form of chemotherapy. It only costs about $45 per month so that is what Cocoa is taking for now while we fundraise for the REAL Chemo drug.

The ideal recommended Chemo drug for her would be a series of shots of a drug called Carboplatin. Cocoa will need to see the Oncologist and get bloodwork done first before her first shot can be given. With only a couple hundred dollars left in her piggy bank we have an uphill battle here for the next step of the treatment. The shots are about $500 each plus testing inbetween. I don’t have all the details yet.

In addition to her cancer, Cocoa also got a cut or punture would on her leg that got infected. I suspect she cut herself on a rose thorn while chasing mice in the back yard. She just loves to hunt. Cocoa had to have a few staples put in and more antibiotics. Poor girl. She’s fine except for the silly collar she has to wear so she won’t lick the wound. $127 out of the piggybank.

If you can find it in your hearts to help out with the medication costs, Cocoa would be very greatful. Paypal is a safe and secure way to donate. Please click on DONATE now and SAVE COCOA.


Waiting for angels

It’s just another hot humid day in Florida. Dachshund Cocoa is enjoying her naptime on the cool tile floor. We had a good day of fundraising yesterday after a dry spell.

Almost $200 came in to paypal. Of course they take 3% to 6% depending on the size of the donation but it all adds up. Everytime I get an email saying there is a donation waiting however small (or large! )I do my happy dance and all the weiners get so excited; so of course they have to get treats.

We want to thank the 15 people who have begun the ball rolling on this site. Special thanks to those of you are posting to Facebook and Tweeting for Cocoa. We really need a snowball effect to beat this thyroid cancer. So keep up the good work.

If you can’t give, please spread the word…95% of the donations have come from complete strangers, so you just never know whose heart you will touch. Please send out Cocoa’s link with a few kind words to your contacts and let them how each dollar helps. We have a long way to go.

Peace and Love
Kisses and Licks from Cocoa

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