Thyroid Tumor Malignant Cancer

Cocoa and her foster family have a rough couple of weeks. Thanks to all her followers for checking in. We found out that her tumor was in fact a malignant thyroid tumor. We were hoping for a benign result.

Cocoa and her foster family have a rough couple of weeks. Thanks to all her followers for checking in. We found out that her tumor was in fact a malignant thyroid tumor. We were hoping for a benign result.\

About ten days after surgery Cocoa started on a drug called Peroxicam which is actually a strong anti inflamitory. This drug is sometimes used for bladder cancer and other cancers. Vets don’t know why it works for some and not others as a form of chemotherapy. It only costs about $45 per month so that is what Cocoa is taking for now while we fundraise for the REAL Chemo drug.

The ideal recommended Chemo drug for her would be a series of shots of a drug called Carboplatin. Cocoa will need to see the Oncologist and get bloodwork done first before her first shot can be given. With only a couple hundred dollars left in her piggy bank we have an uphill battle here for the next step of the treatment. The shots are about $500 each plus testing inbetween. I don’t have all the details yet.

In addition to her cancer, Cocoa also got a cut or punture would on her leg that got infected. I suspect she cut herself on a rose thorn while chasing mice in the back yard. She just loves to hunt. Cocoa had to have a few staples put in and more antibiotics. Poor girl. She’s fine except for the silly collar she has to wear so she won’t lick the wound. $127 out of the piggybank.

If you can find it in your hearts to help out with the medication costs, Cocoa would be very greatful. Paypal is a safe and secure way to donate. Please click on DONATE now and SAVE COCOA.



Update on Cocoa’s thyroid tumor surgery

Well, we have been busy the last few weeks fundraising for Cocoa. She comes with me on errands and everyone thinks she’s so adorable. Cocoa just melts people’s heart. We still have a long way to go. I still need several hundred dollars for the surgery and follow up care.  This of course does not include the costs for radiation if she needs it. Let’s just all hope the tumor is benign.

We are still planning a  garage sale to benefit Cocoa. Hopefully it will be next weekend. There has been serious construction on my street so I have been waiting. With no end in sight, I plan to just go ahead and hope people can find the house despite the detours.

My hopes are to get the surgery in a couple weeks. Cocoa has been having some tummy trouble for a few weeks which doesn’t bode well. Hopefully it won’t affect her being able to go through with the removal of the thyroid tumor.

I want to again thank everyone who has donated money and those who have volunteerd their time and effort to help with Cocoa.  I will keep you all up to date with this blog.


Getting a Dachshund to pee in a cup

Yesterday Cocoa went to Northwest Veterinary Clinic to get her senior profile taken. This is a comprehensive blood test that is recommended for dogs over ten. Cocoa needed it to make sure her liver is okay for the surgery to remove her thyroid tumor. The liver metabolizes the anesthesia. We’ll get the results in a couple of days.

The vet also needed a urine sample. Do you know hard it is too get a miniature dachshund to pee in a cup? Well, actually it was a tiny tray. When the vet tech handed it to me I said “you’re kidding right?”

So we left with our bag of goodies and then Cocoa decided to go pee right there in the parking lot, before I could get the tray out the bag and squat down to catch it. Perfect.

Off we went to the dog park where there is always a big shiny bowl of water. And ten minutes later…success! This time I was ready, tray in hand, squating every time Cocoa paused to sniff. Good thing I do yoga.

Next, I had to suction up the “sample” with a tiny hypdermic, sans needle, and transfer it to a bottle. Then it was back in the car with Cocoa to the vet again. After all that I wanted my $155 dollars back for the test. Really? Isn’t there an easier way?

If you got a laugh out of this post, please give today…we desperately need to raise another $1300 for the surgery to remove her tumor.

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