Surgery a success!

Dachshund Cocoa Had Her Surgery

Today was the big day for Cocoa. Not only did she get the tumor removed (which is happily on the way to lab to be tested) but Cocoa got her first ever teeth cleaning, four teeth pulled, plus her nails clipped and her ears cleaned and one other unmentionable procedure dealing with a gland at her back end. Yikes! The vet said she was a great patient and she really came through with flying colors.

Cocoa is resting comfortably beside two of her foster sisters. Every one is thrilled she is safe and sound. I have crafted a fabric collar for her to protect the sutures from dirt and scratching out the cuff of an old shirt sleeve. The more traditional Elizabethan collar couldn’t be used due to the location of the stitches.

A small dish of yummy soft canned food was a real treat for Cocoa this afternoon. Boy was she hungry. One week of antibiotics and pain relievers and she’ll be good as new. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed for a negative test result from the lab.

A huge thank you to all her supporters. Thanks for the cards and emails and posts to this site. Please check back in a week for an update from the vet. We may still have a long road ahead of us if she needs radiation.


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