Dachshund Cocoa Thanks All At Circus McGurkis

Fundraising for Dachshund Cocoa At Circus McGurkis

I want to say a big thank you to all the kind people at Circus McGurkis who gave money towards Dachshund Cocoa’s Chemo Therapy. On a cold and rainy Florida day we still raised a staggering $260.00! With the money we raised earlier this month at the Tampa Bay Veg Fest there is now just enough money in the piggy bank for her next round of Chemo.

Dachshund Cocoa enjoyed walking around at Circus McGurkis. This fun fair who’s focus is on peace was as busy and bustling as ever. People dressed up in various Halloween costumes but none looked as cool as Dachshund Cocoa. Circus McGurkis is held every year in October at Lake Vista Park in St. Petersburg, Florida. “Circus McGurkis is an Expression of Quaker belief in the dignity and worth of each person and in the power of love and nonviolence to bring about change.” (Quote from their website).

Dachshund Cocoa at Circus McGurkis Holloween

Dachshund Cocoa wore her best Halloween outfit and was a trouper and a star. She melted the hearts of those that met her, smothering all that were willing with lots of hugs and kisses.

Dachshund Cocoa had lots of fun – she stole my turkey burger at lunch. She especially loved the all-natural peanut butter ghostly treats she was given by a vendor. When we got home she soon feel into a deep sleep on the couch after such an exciting day.

Without the kind help of giving and caring people Dachshund Cocoa would not have this chance to beat cancer nor a chance of a being adopted and a happy long life. So, again thank you to those that have already given from their hearts. If you love Dachshunds and can spare even a dollar please donate using the PayPal button found at the top right of this site – thank you!


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